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Sat Mar 13 08:10:57 UTC 2021

Am Freitag, dem 12.03.2021 um 21:41 +0100 schrieb Andreas Plihal:
> Hi,
> thanks for looking into it.
> I am sending you an emaciated LYX file and the corresponding compiled
> PDF file. The compilation is error-free, but ...
> I chose TEXINDY as the index processor. (In comparison, the index
> processors STANDARD, MAKEINDEX and XINDY delivered even worse results.)
> The result:
>  * The entry is now in the table of contents, but further back in the
> book the index is still with the title "Index".

You have this in the preamble:

 % Damit der Index den Namen "Stichwortverzeichnis" erhält

Replace this with:

 % Damit der Index den Namen "Stichwortverzeichnis" erhält

You are not using babel, but polyglossia!

>  * The page reference is incorrect.

What do you mean?

>  * The cross-references are not shown, although I have written the
> command in the TEX code box.

Shown correctly here.

>  * And the lexical sorting is horrible: All words that begin with an
> umlaut are grouped under the letter "O".

Use as index processor options:
-L german-din5007 -C utf8


> Please: Help!

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