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Am Montag, dem 08.03.2021 um 09:02 +0100 schrieb Andreas Plihal:
> 1. The subject index does not appear in the table of contents. 
> I solved that with the command 
> \addcontentsline{toc} {chapter} {Sachregistester}.

With KOMA-Script, you better do


> I also used the special name "Sachregister" for it.
> However, the actual subject index is still called "Index" at the end of
> the book!
> 2. Renaming of the index the UserGuide suggests that you use this
> command in the preamble
> \ addto \ captionsngerman {\ renewcommand {\ indexname} {index}}
> However, this leads to an error:
> "Undefined control sequence."

How about


If this fails as well, we need the complete error message: which
control sequence is reported as being undefined?
> So I removed this command again. That still leaves my problem unsolved.
> 3. The sorting of the keywords in the subject index.
> Since my book is written in German, it contains umlauts ä, ö and ü.
> These are somehow taken into account when sorting, but not in the way
> it is usual in German. The measure suggested in the UserGuide seems
> arbitrary to me. Is there a method, a command, with which one can tell
> the index of a sort order that is uniform for the German language?

This depends on the index processor. I recommend texindy. This should
sort German properly. But note that there are two German sorting
varieties, called german-din and german-duden in texindy:

"German recognizes two different sorting schemes to handle umlauts:   
normally, "ae" is sorted like "ae", but in phone books or dictionaries,
it is sorted like "a". The first scheme is known as DIN order, the    
second as Duden order."

In Document > Settings > Index, select "texindy" as index processor and
add "-L german-din" as option.

If you prefer makeindex to xindy, you need the -g option.


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