Command to put string in both the LyX authoring environment and the finished PDF? <SOLVED BY WORKAROUND>

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Tue Jun 22 14:05:01 UTC 2021

Steve Litt said on Sun, 20 Jun 2021 17:39:52 -0400

>Hi all,
>I have a local layout, based on Book-extsizes, for my new book. I have
>no idea what the book's title will be yet, and I sure nuff don't want
>to have to search all instances of that title and replace them every
>time I get a better idea for the title.
>Soooo, what I want to do is put something in my local layout to
>articulate the title, both in the LyX authoring environment and in the
>compiled PDF, showing the title in a specific appearance. I tried to do
>it as a character style, as follows:
>% ### Character style for book title within body text
>Current Title As Of Today}}%
>CharStyle CharTitleInBody
>	Series	Bold
>	Color   Red
>	Series	Bold
>	Size    Larger
>	Color   Red
>LatexName	chartitlebodytextL
>LatexType	Command
>LabelString     "My Current Title As Of Today"
>If I apply the character style CharTitleInBody to an empty string in
>LyX, the exact right thing happens in the PDF, but in the LyX
>authoring environment the title appears under the character style inset
>and also under the following text, which is very disturbing if you're
>trying to copy-edit your book in the LyX environment.
>Does anybody know what I can do to make the text appear inline, instead
>of underneath, within the LyX authoring environment?

My workaround is as follows:

I changed the [0] number of arguments in the LaTeX command to [1] in
order to consume the argument. Once I did that, whatever I put in the
character style does not show up in the PDF.

Next, I changed the LyX label font size from Larger to Small, so it
wouldn't take up as much line length. Finally, I put a bunch of z
characters in the inset, so the inset and the label would be
approximately the same length. What this accomplished is that the title
actually looks reasonable in a line in the LyX authoring environment,
and the correct title shows up in the PDF.

Several of you had excellent ideas, including ERT LaTeX command, a Perl
script, and some other ideas. Thanks for the great ideas. Ultimately, I
decided that my workaround best meets my workflow needs for this



Steve Litt 
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