LyX says Tex Gyra Schola is not installed, but I installed it

Steve Litt slitt at
Thu Jun 17 14:14:18 UTC 2021

Hi all,

The only font readable enough for my books is Century Schoolbook. All
the rest are too faint. Most Century Schoolbook implementations don't
work with LyX, or at least I haven't been able to get them to work.
With one exception...

Tex Gyra Schola is a Century Schoolbook implementation that has been
working for me for the past 5 years. But now, When I 
Document->Settings->Fonts and select a Serif font, Tex Gyre Schola is
listed, but the words "(not installed)" are appended, and in fact when
I compile the document, the font in the PDF is definitely not TeX Gyre

I installed the tex-gyre and tex-gyra-math packages with the following

tlmgr install tex-gyre
tlmgr install tex-gyre-math

After those commands, I performed a texhash command. I then terminated
LyX and did a reconfigure. Still "(not installed)". 

The other relevant settings on Document->Settings->Fonts are "Use
Non-TeX Fonts" is unchecked, LaTeX font encoding is Default.

What can I do to start to figure out this problem?



Steve Litt 
Spring 2021 featured book: Troubleshooting Techniques of the Successful

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