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Néstor nestorac at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 09:20:22 UTC 2021

Thank you, by "add  a border" I mean to add a frame, I want the
quotation to be highlighted somehow. I have found some documentation
on how to change the size of the text, but it does not work for me.
Anyways, I want to change the font of the quotations.

https://wiki.lyx.org/FAQ/ChangeFontUsingLatex (I have read this)

El mar, 1 jun 2021 a las 11:03, Dr Eberhard Lisse (<nospam at lisse.na>) escribió:
> Besides that I think this is a LaTeX question rather than a LyX one, I
> also don't understand what 'add a border' means.
> On 31/05/2021 20:36, Néstor wrote:
> > Hello, I want to format quotations in my LyX document, I wonder how.
> >
> > How is it possible to change the fon0t and add a border just in
> > quotations?
> >
> > Thanks!!
> >
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Néstor Amigo

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