biblatex style option Springer Publisher

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Sat Jul 31 06:56:05 UTC 2021

Herbert Voss pointed to this site
where the two style files
>> biblatex-spbasic.bbx
>> biblatex-spbasic.cbx
are found which can be used for Springer publications.
Herbert Voss said, that they can be stored in

He also uploaded the package to CTAN, where it should be available.

Add the files to Lyx > Document > settings > Bibliography
Not sure, whether a texhash and reconfigure is needed afterward.

Here my question:
If I export the lyx document as tar.gz (for sharing it with others or 
archiving it) the style files ARE NOT included. I did this before under 
bibtex with the spbasic of Springer and this was saved in the archive.
Could somebody check whether the biblatex-spbasic files are indeed NOT 
saved in the arch file and could this perhaps be changed, since it is 
essential for running the lyx document.


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