Customizing counters of theorem environments.

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(Ditto here)

Thanks for the reply, Paul.

On quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2021 17:40:48 -03 Paul A. Rubin wrote:
> (Accidentally replied directly rather than to the list. Better late than
> never?)
> I can see no reason to mess with the layout translations file. If your LyX
> user interface uses a language other than English, just give your custom
> theorem environment a layout name in that language. If your new environment
> makes its way into the LyX distribution some day, then it will need
> translations into all supported languages.
> As far as implementing a custom theorem-like environment, you need to (a)
> figure out the LaTeX code to implement it and then (b) create a module file
> (or use your hacked ...-bytype.module file) containing a LyX layout for it
> (which will include the LaTeX code to be inserted into the preamble).
> Mimicking what's already in the bytype module file (or, more precisely, in
> one of the .inc files it uses) should get you there pretty easily.
> Paul

I did just that, thanks.

Since I want something quite specific, I created the new environment with the label only in 

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