Libertinus and AnonymousPro fonts

Dr Eberhard Lisse nospam at lisse.NA
Wed Jul 14 10:18:09 UTC 2021


he can't see them in LyX.

And that is so because LyX does not know about Libertinus and/or
AnonymousPro as far as I know. If LyX knew about them and could not
find them it would say "not installed".

That's why this needs to go into the preamble.

However, I agree, it would be cool, if there was a a way to make LyX
"know" about fonts in a general way to appear in the Pulldown.


On 14/07/2021 11:31, Herbert Voss wrote:
> Wolfgang Engelmann schrieb:
>> Still struggling with Libertinus and AnonymousPro fonts
>> I updated my texlive today (14July2021), did texhash also as
>> superuser, reconfigured lyx and looked for the Libertinus and
>> AnonymousPro fonts in my Lyx Document > Settings > Fonts but can't
>> find it.  The PDF output format is set to PDF(LuaTex).
>> The libertinus fonts are found in my
>> ./texlive/2021/texmf-dist/fonts/tfm/public/libertinus-type1/LibertinusSerif-
>> ...  etc
> Wolfgang,
> look into your Debian font configuration.  There should be a file
> 09-texlive.conf in the directory /etc/fonts/conf.d/

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