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Sat Jul 10 19:25:47 UTC 2021

Am 10.07.21 um 10:57 schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann:
> This is a screenshot of a part of the references of a Springer book.
> No point after the forename.

Wolfgang, I downloaded an old version of spbasic.bst which has dots.
However, now I found a new one on Springer's site. Download   and put the two files


into a new directory


or any other _local_ texmf directory.

Then run


to update the file name database. Maybe that you must use sudo.

Then open the attched LyX file or use your own one and change the
entries in Document->settings->Bibliography
(see atched screenshot).  Then run your example and you should get
the desired bibstyle in the bibliography (see screenshot).

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#LyX 2.3 created this file. For more info see
\lyxformat 544
\save_transient_properties true
\origin unavailable
\textclass scrbook

%%Package inputenc Error: Unicode character œ (U+009C)
%this package allows to have an appendix after a chapter



%%% wird nicht gefunden >> \usepackage{srchack} ######

%%\renewcommand\nomname{GLOSSARY ABBREVIATIONS}
%leads to bold nomenclature title in entries > 

\renewcommand{\nompreamble}{Behind the normal glossary items follows abbreviation -in red- and the corresponding items, and mathematical symbols -in red- with its items}
% Two column nomenclature ========================
{\def\wilh at nomsection{section}}
{\def\wilh at nomsection{chapter}}
\csname\wilh at nomsection\endcsname*{\nomname}
\if at intoc\addcontentsline{toc}{\wilh at nomsection}{\nomname}\fi
\labelwidth\nom at tempdim
% Two column nomenclature END ========================

%Creating Nomenclature with Sections

%\ifthenelse{\equal{#1}{A}}{\item[\textbf{Roman Symbols}]}{%
%\ifthenelse{\equal{#1}{A}}{\item[\textbf{\textcolor{red}{Roman Symbols}]}{%
%\ifthenelse{\equal{#1}{G}}{\item[\textbf{Greek Symbols}]}{%

%\ifthenelse{\equal{#1}{Z}}{\item[\textbf{Mathematical Symbols}]}
\ifthenelse{\equal{#1}{Z}}{\item[\textbf{\textcolor{red}{Mathematical Symbols}}]} 
}% matches mathematical symbols
}% matches Subscripts
}% matches Abbreviations
}% matches Greek Symbols
}% matches Roman Symbols





%Vancouver style : change citation in document from [nr] to nr
%\makeatletter % Reference list option change
%\renewcommand\@biblabel[1]{#1} % from [1] to 1
%\makeatother %

%%Seitenangabe oben rechts

% Definitionen um Legenden neben Tabellen und Abbildungen zu setzen




% provides caption formatting

%weniger eingerückte captions
% this command was inserted by lyx2lyx

%Fig left, caption right


\tolerance 1414
\hbadness 1414
\emergencystretch 1.5em
\hfuzz 0.3pt
\vfuzz \hfuzz


%%macro for index nom
% ---------------------------------------------------------------------
% Package "tocloft" with additional declaration
% Source:
% ---------------------------------------------------------------------


% Define a \cftsectionprecistoc based on the existing \cftchapterprecistoc
%  {\leftskip \cftsecindent\relax
%   \advance\leftskip \cftsecnumwidth\relax
%   \rightskip \@tocrmarg\relax
%   \textit{#1}\protect\par}}}

%\usepackage [hyphens]

%Verwende Tikz pgfplots
% Added by lyx2lyx
\options hyphens,refpage,intoc,bibliography=totoc,index=totoc
\use_default_options false
\maintain_unincluded_children false
PackageOptions nomencl intoc
\language british
\language_package babel
\inputencoding utf8
\fontencoding global
\font_roman "libertine" "default"
\font_sans "helvet" "default"
\font_typewriter "cmtt" "default"
\font_math "auto" "default"
\font_default_family default
\use_non_tex_fonts true
\font_sc false
\font_osf false
\font_sf_scale 100 100
\font_tt_scale 100 100
\use_microtype true
\use_dash_ligatures false
\graphics default
\default_output_format pdf5
\output_sync 1
\bibtex_command biber
\index_command default
\float_placement tbph
\paperfontsize default
\spacing single
\use_hyperref false
\pdf_title "Modelle für biologische Rhythmen"
\pdf_author "Karl-Heinz Witte, Wolfgang Engelmann und Anders Johnsson"
\pdf_subject "Chronobiologie"
\pdf_keywords "Beispiele Rhythmen Modelle Simulationen Bedeutung"
\pdf_bookmarks true
\pdf_bookmarksnumbered false
\pdf_bookmarksopen false
\pdf_bookmarksopenlevel 1
\pdf_breaklinks true
\pdf_pdfborder true
\pdf_colorlinks true
\pdf_backref page
\pdf_pdfusetitle true
\pdf_quoted_options "linkcolor=red, citecolor=blue, urlcolor=green, filecolor=blue"
\papersize a5paper
\use_geometry false
\use_package amsmath 1
\use_package amssymb 1
\use_package cancel 1
\use_package esint 0
\use_package mathdots 1
\use_package mathtools 1
\use_package mhchem 0
\use_package stackrel 1
\use_package stmaryrd 1
\use_package undertilde 1
\cite_engine biblatex-natbib
\cite_engine_type authoryear
\biblio_style plainnat
\biblio_options minnames=1,maxnames=3
\biblatex_bibstyle authoryear
\biblatex_citestyle authoryear
\use_bibtopic false
\use_indices true
\paperorientation portrait
\suppress_date false
\justification true
\use_refstyle 0
\use_minted 0
\index Subject index
\shortcut idx
\color #008000
\index Name index
\shortcut nam
\color #00ffff
\secnumdepth 3
\tocdepth 3
\paragraph_separation indent
\paragraph_indentation default
\is_math_indent 0
\math_numbering_side default
\quotes_style british
\dynamic_quotes 0
\papercolumns 1
\papersides 2
\paperpagestyle default
\tracking_changes false
\output_changes false
\html_math_output 0
\html_css_as_file 0
\html_be_strict false


\begin_layout Title
Models for biological rhythms using Scilab/Xcos

\begin_layout Author
Karl-Heinz Witte, Wolfgang Engelmann
\begin_inset Newline newline

 and Anders Johnsson

\begin_layout Date
Hochschule RheinMain, Universität Tübingen and Norwegian University of Science
 and Technology

\begin_layout Publishers
Rüsselsheim, Tübingen and Trondheim, 2021

\begin_layout Uppertitleback
Copyright Karl-Heinz Witte, Wolfgang Engelmann and Anders Johnsson

\begin_layout Lowertitleback
This book was written with \SpecialChar LyX
\begin_inset CommandInset href
LatexCommand href
target ""
literal "false"


), a professional system to set documents using \SpecialChar LaTeX
 The vector graphic was produced with xfig and inkscape, diagrams with PyxPlot
 under Linux.

\begin_layout Standard
\begin_inset Box Boxed
position "t"
hor_pos "c"
has_inner_box 1
inner_pos "t"
use_parbox 0
use_makebox 0
width "100text%"
special "none"
height "1in"
height_special "totalheight"
thickness "0.4pt"
separation "3pt"
shadowsize "4pt"
framecolor "black"
backgroundcolor "none"
status open

\begin_layout Plain Layout
\begin_inset Graphics
	filename scilab-logo.png
	width 40text%


\begin_inset Graphics
	filename HerzNeu-E.pdf
	lyxscale 30
	width 50text%



\begin_layout Plain Layout
\begin_inset Graphics
	filename VanDerPol-EinOsziModul-SA-AV-TauSaAv-Diag_1-1-1.2_Grudzinski-Zebrowski.pdf
	lyxscale 80
	width 100text%




\begin_inset Newline newline


\begin_layout Quotation
\begin_inset VSpace 15theight%

The water in a jug is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark.
 The small truth has words that are clear; the great truth has great silence.
\begin_inset Note Note
status open

\begin_layout Plain Layout
Das Wasser im Krug glitzert, das Wasser im Meer ist dunkel
\begin_inset Newline newline

Die kleine Wahrheit kleidet sich in klare Worte, die große Wahrheit hüllt
 sich in tiefes Schweigen



\begin_layout Quotation
\begin_inset space \hfill{}

Rabindranath Tagore

\begin_layout Standard
\begin_inset CommandInset toc
LatexCommand tableofcontents



\begin_layout Standard
\begin_inset FloatList figure



\begin_layout Standard
\begin_inset FloatList table



\begin_layout Chapter
Introduction: Biological rhythms
\begin_inset CommandInset label
LatexCommand label
name "chap:Introduction:-Biological-rhythms"



\begin_layout Standard
Furthermore there exist numerous rhythms in organisms without external correlate
s such as ultradian 
\begin_inset CommandInset nomenclature
LatexCommand nomenclature
symbol "ultradian rhythm"
description "a periodically occurring event with periods in the range of minutes to hours and widely distributed among organisms"
literal "false"


 with shorter periods, for example in the range of milliseconds to hours,
 and rhythms with periods
\begin_inset CommandInset nomenclature
LatexCommand nomenclature
symbol "period length"
description "or period is the spatial period of a periodic wave -the distance over which the wave's shape repeats. Synonym with wavelength "
literal "false"


 of several years, e.g.
 populations of predators and prey.
 Finally, developmental cycles of organisms should be mentioned.
 The Asiatic saying 
\emph on

\begin_inset Quotes bld

He is so old, that he has twice seen the bamboo in bloom
\emph default

\begin_inset Quotes brd

\begin_inset Index nam
status open

\begin_layout Plain Layout


 refers to a 35 year rhythm of some bamboo species 
\begin_inset CommandInset citation
LatexCommand citep
key "McClure1966"
literal "true"



\begin_layout Standard
In the following we will focus mainly on circadian rhythms.
 They are 
\emph on
\emph default
\emph on
\emph default
\emph on
\emph default
 and the period length is about 24 h (2): They can be ’locked to’ or 
\emph on
\emph default
 by light and temperature changes in the environment (3), and furthermore
 their period length is only slightly dependent on the ambient temperature:
 it is temperature compensated (4).
 Our task in modelling such rhythms is to make sure that the model simulates
 all the properties (1) to (4) above (in addition to others which we will

\begin_layout Standard
The importance of circadian rhythms has been attested by the Nobel Prize
 in Physiology or Medicine in 2017 given to three researchers in this field
\begin_inset CommandInset href
LatexCommand href
name "Nobel Price 2017"
target "\\_prizes/medicine/laureates/2017/"
literal "false"


\begin_inset CommandInset citation
LatexCommand citet
key "Young2018"
literal "true"



\begin_layout Standard
\begin_inset CommandInset bibtex
LatexCommand bibtex
btprint "btPrintCited"
bibfiles "BIBFILE-B"
options "bibtotoc"




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