Libertinus font and AnonymousPro

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at
Wed Jul 7 14:30:06 UTC 2021

Am 07.07.21 um 15:08 schrieb Cuyahoga Falls:
> On 7/7/2021 7:13 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>> Herbert, I used in LyX
>> Use non-TeX fonts (via XeTeX/LuaTeX)
>> under Document>fonts
>> Wolfgang
> I'm no expert (especially with Debian), but it sounds to me as if the 
> fonts you're trying to use have not been unstalled in your Debian 
> system (as opposed to being installed in TeXLive).
> When you tell LyX to use "non-Tex fonts" through XeTeX/LuaTeX, you're 
> telling LyX to use the fonts available to your OS apart from TeX. 
> These would be the fonts available to all of your other programs, such 
> as LibreOffice (if you have it). These fonts are different from those 
> installed by TeXLive. The TeXLive fonts are generally available to 
> TeX/LaTeX/LyX systems when compiling using PDFLaTeX (as opposed to 
> XeTeX). The TeXLive fonts are generally not available to non-TeX 
> programs as they are installed somewhere within the TeXLive file 
> structure separate and apart from OS system fonts.

that depends on your system setting. I can use _all_ fonts from TeXLive
in _any_ application


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