Libertinus font and AnonymousPro

Cuyahoga Falls cuyfalls at
Wed Jul 7 13:08:08 UTC 2021

On 7/7/2021 7:13 AM, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
> Herbert, I used in LyX
> Use non-TeX fonts (via XeTeX/LuaTeX)
> under Document>fonts
> Wolfgang

I'm no expert (especially with Debian), but it sounds to me as if the 
fonts you're trying to use have not been unstalled in your Debian system 
(as opposed to being installed in TeXLive).

When you tell LyX to use "non-Tex fonts" through XeTeX/LuaTeX, you're 
telling LyX to use the fonts available to your OS apart from TeX. These 
would be the fonts available to all of your other programs, such as 
LibreOffice (if you have it). These fonts are different from those 
installed by TeXLive. The TeXLive fonts are generally available to 
TeX/LaTeX/LyX systems when compiling using PDFLaTeX (as opposed to 
XeTeX). The TeXLive fonts are generally not available to non-TeX 
programs as they are installed somewhere within the TeXLive file 
structure separate and apart from OS system fonts.

As a test, I would open another non-TeX program that uses system fonts 
(such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice or whatever else you have on your 
system) and see if the desired fonts are available within that program. 
If they are not, then that would indicate to me that they are not 
installed as OS system fonts.

If they are not installed as OS system fonts, then you'll need to 
install them to your Debian system. On that point, I can't help further 
as I know nothing about where Debian installs system fonts or the 
methods it uses to install them.


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