Libertinus font and AnonymousPro

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Tue Jul 6 12:34:08 UTC 2021

Am 06.07.21 um 10:34 schrieb Kornel Benko:
> Am Tue, 6 Jul 2021 09:18:24 +0200
> schrieb Wolfgang Engelmann <engelmann at>:
>> I would like to use the Libertinus font and AnonymousPro as recommended
>> in the book of Herbert Voss 'Die wissenschaftliche Arbeit mit
>> Latex''page 44.
>> This font is not listed in the Document>font
>> I put according to Voss this in the latex preamble:
>> \usepackage {libertinus-otf}
>> \setmonofont{AnonymousPr[Scale=MatchLowercase,FakeStretch=0.85}
>> in Document>settings
> Typo? AnonymousPr -> AnonymousPro
> 	Kornel
Thanks, Kornel,
after correcting the Typo I tried again

\RequirePackage {libertinus-otf}

Libertinus seems to work, but AnonymousPro gives still errors:

Requested font "AnonymousPro" at 10.94997pt
  -> font not found, using "nullfont"

! Package fontspec Error: The font "AnonymousPro" cannot be found.

For immediate help type H <return>.


A font might not be found for many reasons.
  Check the spelling, where the font is installed etc. etc.

  When in doubt, ask someone for help!

Requested font "AnonymousPro" at 10.95003pt
  -> font not found, using "nullfont"
Missing character: There is no x ("78) in font nullfont!

I will try to get Herbert Voss to help.


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