why doesn't lyx recognize "projects" (sets of files)?

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at lyx.org
Mon Jan 25 18:43:55 UTC 2021

On 1/25/21 1:27 PM, Piantadosi, Steven wrote:
> I have been using lyx for about 3 years. Currently I am producing a
> large book with 25 chapters along with various smaller projects. The
> biggest problem I encounter is that the user interface does not seem
> to allow separation of workflow into “projects” or groups of files. It
> would be nice if when lyx opened it loaded only the set of files from
> a specified project. Otherwise the choice seems to be either mixing a
> large number of open files or re-opening files individually after
> working on a single file. Is there a simple way to get lyx to restrict
> its opening of files based on a directory or other logical arrangement
> of files?
I believe there is a bug report asking for project management of this
kind, similar to what many IDEs and code editors offer. I've been
thinking about working on that myself but it's on a long list, and there
are workarounds.

First, if the project includes a 'master document' with a variety of
child documents, then opening the master will also open all the children
(and grandchildren, etc). They will be hidden but accessible via View>
Hidden Documents, which means you do have to unhide whichever one(s) you
want to work on.

But, and second, if the child has a 'default master' set (under
Document> Settings), then opening the child will also open the master,
and with that all of its other descendents. The child will then be
visible with the other documents hidden. (Probably we could use an
"Unhide All" function to open all those other ones.)

Finally, it's easy to write a small batch file that will open all the
LyX documents in a given directory (if that's how you have things
organized) and make them all visible. How to do that depends upon what
shells are available on your OS. But that is a very simple and very
flexible solution, though one outside LyX itself.


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