Flawed upgrade

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at lyx.org
Mon Jan 25 18:34:57 UTC 2021

On 1/25/21 1:27 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> While the sub-minor upgrade to .1 apparently had no benefits for me I
> allowed my weekly SlackBuilds.org upgrades to install it. Today I
> fired it
> up and discovered some changes had been made and I've not found how to
> fix
> them.

That is very odd. Assuming you had 2.3.6 installed before, the changes
were very minimal. Maybe there's been a change to the Qt version that
the build pulled in.

> First, the fonts on the menu, toolbar, outline pane and other main window
> widgets shrank. They're too small for me and I didn't find where to
> enlarge
> them under Tools->Display fonts.

I believe the WM or Qt configuration tool controls that.

> Second, while I was looking in the Tools menu I selected the classic.ui
> style, entered a title for a paper I need to write, and now no menu
> displays
> any items; they all display a one-line message window, "No Action
> Defined!".
> Huh?
Run LyX from a terminal and see what error messages you get. The file
must not be loading properly.

> Looking in ~/.lyx/lyxrc I don't see anything changed. The bind file is
> still
> 'my_bind'.
> Where do I look for the reason for these changes?
> Where else is there a configuration file that might be different from
> ~/.lyx/lyxrc?

Try looking in .config/ and .local/.


> TIA,
> Rich

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