Flawed upgrade

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Jan 25 18:27:00 UTC 2021

While the sub-minor upgrade to .1 apparently had no benefits for me I
allowed my weekly SlackBuilds.org upgrades to install it. Today I fired it
up and discovered some changes had been made and I've not found how to fix

First, the fonts on the menu, toolbar, outline pane and other main window
widgets shrank. They're too small for me and I didn't find where to enlarge
them under Tools->Display fonts.

Second, while I was looking in the Tools menu I selected the classic.ui
style, entered a title for a paper I need to write, and now no menu displays
any items; they all display a one-line message window, "No Action Defined!".

Looking in ~/.lyx/lyxrc I don't see anything changed. The bind file is still

Where do I look for the reason for these changes?

Where else is there a configuration file that might be different from



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