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> On 1/22/21 1:06 PM, Neal Becker wrote:
> > On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 11:26 AM Joel Kulesza <jkulesza at>
> wrote:
> >> On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 6:29 AM Neal Becker <ndbecker2 at>
> wrote:
> >>> I have an equation that has to be split (to fit into beamer
> >>> presentation).  It has large delimiters that span the lines.  Does lyx
> >>> have any facility to help with this?  I did get a useable result, but
> >>> only with a lot of ERT.  Lyx seems not helpful here, is there any way
> >>> other than ERT to get "\Biggl. ... \Biggr]"?  Or "\right."?
> >>>
> >>> Here is what I wanted:
> >>>
> >>> \begin{multline*}
> >>>
> >>> \mathbf{X}_{N_{C}\times S\times
> >>>
> A}=\left[\left[\left[\sum_{n}m1_{p+cL_{c}+nS}m2_{p+cL_{c}+(n+\tau)S}^{*}\right.\right.\right.,\\
> >>>
> >>> \Biggl.\Biggl.\Biggl.\tau\in[-A/2\dots A/2]\Biggr],p\in[0\dots
> >>> S-1]\Biggr],c\in[0\dots N_{c}-1]\Biggr]
> >>>
> >>> \end{multline*}
> >>
> >> To accomplish this, I prefer to use the Insert Delimiters capability
> (the subject of an adjacent thread).  Using "none" will let you give the
> appearance of matched delimiters that vertically scale to contain the
> contents.  The "Swap & Reverse" button is meant as a convenience to control
> delimiter insertion in this manner.  Finally, if you have lines that vary
> in vertical extent, a vertical phantom (\vphantom) with the proper contents
> will ensure consistent delimiter sizes.
> >>
> >> Hope this helps,
> >> Joel
> > Thanks for the reply.  I can't see how to do this.  Inserting
> > Delimiters seems to insist on inserting a pair of delimiters - I don't
> > see any way to just get \left[ for example.
> I've attached three screenshots. The first (shot1.png) shows LyX open
> with a new document, containing two copies of your example. The first
> copy is pasted into an ERT box (so that I can see what you are shooting
> for). The second has most of your example, but not the nested brackets,
> typed into a multiline math environment. The first line of the multiline
> formula is selected, so that I can put a left bracket in front of it.
> The second screenshot shows the delimiter insertion dialog. Note that I
> unchecked the "keep matched" box below the left pane, then selected a
> left bracket in the left pane and "(None)" in the right pane.
> The third screenshot shows the formula after I click "Insert" in the
> delimiter dialog. There is a large left bracket at the start of the
> first line and "phantom" bracked (dotted line) at the end of the first
> line. To insert other brackets, do similar things, selecting the content
> of the bracketed area and where appropriate selecting none on the left
> and a closing bracket on the right.


Thanks for picking up the thread!  If you provide the LyX file for shot3,
I’ll demonstrate what I meant about vphantom.

Thanks again,
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