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On Fri, Jan 22, 2021 at 6:29 AM Neal Becker <ndbecker2 at> wrote:

> I have an equation that has to be split (to fit into beamer
> presentation).  It has large delimiters that span the lines.  Does lyx
> have any facility to help with this?  I did get a useable result, but
> only with a lot of ERT.  Lyx seems not helpful here, is there any way
> other than ERT to get "\Biggl. ... \Biggr]"?  Or "\right."?
> Here is what I wanted:
> \begin{multline*}
> \mathbf{X}_{N_{C}\times S\times
> A}=\left[\left[\left[\sum_{n}m1_{p+cL_{c}+nS}m2_{p+cL_{c}+(n+\tau)S}^{*}\right.\right.\right.,\\
> \Biggl.\Biggl.\Biggl.\tau\in[-A/2\dots A/2]\Biggr],p\in[0\dots
> S-1]\Biggr],c\in[0\dots N_{c}-1]\Biggr]
> \end{multline*}

To accomplish this, I prefer to use the Insert Delimiters capability (the
subject of an adjacent thread).  Using "none" will let you give the
appearance of matched delimiters that vertically scale to contain the
contents.  The "Swap & Reverse" button is meant as a convenience to control
delimiter insertion in this manner.  Finally, if you have lines that vary
in vertical extent, a vertical phantom (\vphantom) with the proper contents
will ensure consistent delimiter sizes.

Hope this helps,
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