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> Hi List,
> For some reason when I start a new generic document (File -> New) which is an Article (Standard Class), the PDF is rendered as cropped.
> The default rendering keyboard shortcut (Command-R on my Mac) shows Document -> View [PDF (cropped)] so it’s doing what it is being told when I hit Command-R. But when I do Document -> View (Other Formats) -> PDF (pdflatex) it still renders the PDF as cropped. Also, the topmost menu item under File -> Export is PDF [PDF (cropped)].
> In preferences, File Handling -> File Converters -> Default Output Formats -> With TeX fonts is set to PDF (pdflatex).
> I can open an old file (saved just a couple days ago) and it still renders with margins as expected. Also, the top item in File -> Export is then PDF (pdflatex). Opening a new file from IEEE template behaves the same way.
> I keep a tiny LyX file around called Equation Setter that I use from time to time to make equations for pasting into other programs such as graphics programs; that file exports cropped PDFs as desired and I used it recently.
> Why do new generic Article (Standard Class) documents render as cropped, with cropped as the command connected to Command-R, and why do they still render cropped when bypassing that menu command to pdflatex?
> Jerry
If you open a new document and go to Document > Settings > Formats > 
Output Format > Default output format, is it set to Default (in which 
case it should use pdflatex, since you have that set a the user default) 
or PDF (cropped)? I'm thinking that at some point you might have saved a 
document with default view cropped as your default file class. That 
would explain cropped being at the top of the export options.

As to why a cropped document renders cropped when you switch the view to 
pdflatex, I think this may be a bug in LyX. I did the following 
experiment with an existing document that rendered normally (my default 
format is pdflatex):

 1. change the document default view to cropped and view it (the PDF is
 2. with the default still set to cropped, view as pdflatex (the PDF is
    still cropped);
 3. make a trivial change (type a space and then delete it) and view as
    pdflatex (the PDF is no longer cropped).

So once you have viewed the document (creating a PDF in the temp buffer 
directory), switching between pdflatex and cropped does not seem to 
trigger recompilation in all cases (at least not when switching from 
cropped back to normal margins).


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