Default new documents rendering as cropped PDF

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Thu Jan 21 22:53:31 UTC 2021

Hi List,

For some reason when I start a new generic document (File -> New) which is an Article (Standard Class), the PDF is rendered as cropped.

The default rendering keyboard shortcut (Command-R on my Mac) shows Document -> View [PDF (cropped)] so it’s doing what it is being told when I hit Command-R. But when I do Document -> View (Other Formats) -> PDF (pdflatex) it still renders the PDF as cropped. Also, the topmost menu item under File -> Export is PDF [PDF (cropped)].

In preferences, File Handling -> File Converters -> Default Output Formats -> With TeX fonts is set to PDF (pdflatex).

I can open an old file (saved just a couple days ago) and it still renders with margins as expected. Also, the top item in File -> Export is then PDF (pdflatex). Opening a new file from IEEE template behaves the same way.

I keep a tiny LyX file around called Equation Setter that I use from time to time to make equations for pasting into other programs such as graphics programs; that file exports cropped PDFs as desired and I used it recently.

Why do new generic Article (Standard Class) documents render as cropped, with cropped as the command connected to Command-R, and why do they still render cropped when bypassing that menu command to pdflatex?


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