Adding an environment to the drop down menu

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Tue Jan 19 21:36:04 UTC 2021

On 1/18/21 11:14 PM, Anthony Macks wrote:
> Dear LyX users,
> I have created a new environment by adding the following to my preamble.
> \newcounter{YourTurn}[section]
> \newenvironment{YourTurn}[1][]{\refstepcounter{YourTurn}\par\medskip
>      \noindent \color{green}\textbf{Your Turn ~\theYourTurn. #1} 
> \rmfamily\color{black}}{\medskip}
> I would like to add this environment to the drop down list in the menu.
> I know I have to edit a .layout file, but I am unsure as to what to do.

If this is just for one document, you can enter the necessary layout 
code under Document> Settings> Local Layout.

Something like this should work:

Format 66

Counter YourTurn
     Within Section

Style YourTurn
     LaTeXType Environment
     LaTeXName YourTurn
     LabelType Static
     LabelCounter YourTurn
     LabelString "Your Turn \theYourTurn"
          \noindent \color{green}\textbf{Your Turn ~\theYourTurn. #1} 

That is pretty basic but should get you started.

The preamble code specified is just copied from yours: LyX will 
automatically insert it, so you now don't need it in your regular 
premable. The advantage is that LyX will insert it *only* if you use 
this environment.

See the Customization manual, section 5.2, for more details. Better yet, 
look at some of the modules and layout files that ship with LyX. The 
best say to understand the syntax is to see it in action.

If you might want to re-use this, you can put it into a module and put 
the module into the layouts/ folder of your user directory. You'll then 
need to reconfigure for it to show up. Modules also need a header, like:

#An environment for numbered formulas.


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