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On 1/15/21 1:21 PM, Joe Babb wrote:
> I am trying to use Lyx to document some math and electronics and I 
> need to place a block diagram into my document.  I can draw the 
> diagram in a separate program and insert the jpg into Lyx, but what 
> I'd rather do is draw it directly in Lyx and be able to place Greek 
> characters in each box.
> I used to use Latex years ago and have the fourth edition of Guide to 
> Latex which talks about the picture environment. But I find no picture 
> environment in Lyx.  I read on the Internet about typing an M-x 
> somewhere to get to insert commands directly but can't get that to 
> work.  I keep wanting to work in the code preview pane to insert Latex 
> code directly but can't.  Is it possible at all in Lyx to to a block 
> diagram?
> thanks,
> Joe
First, to insert "raw" LaTeX into a LyX document, use Insert > TeX Code, 
the default shortcut for which is Ctrl+L.

As for drawing diagrams, if you want to use Xy-Pic, there is a manual on 
how to do that in LyX (Help > Specific Manuals > XY-Pic. Other 
possibilities (doubtless among many) are to use the pstricks or tikz 
LaTeX packages. Each comes with its own learning curve. I have directly 
embedded tikz commands in LyX documents to produce diagrams, including 


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