Has anybody lost their book's index when switching to lualatex?

Dr Eberhard W Lisse nospam at lisse.NA
Sat Jan 2 20:34:14 UTC 2021


in my large (handbook) project with 20 child documents and a Makefile of
502 lines (with has a bit of fancy stuff, such as a number of included
PDFs, images, and text files (config files from other servers) all
triggering the LyX run, stamp generation (!) and backup after looking
up which hostname this is running on :-)-O), I still generate the PDF
via (command line) LyX

	/Applications/LyX.app/Contents/MacOS/lyx -f -e pdf5 handbook.lyx

which works extremely well and has survived a number of LyX updates.

So my advice and experience is to let LyX take care of this.  But, if I
was exporting to LuaLaTeX I would use latexmk to compile, because that
will also do all the indexing and bibliographing.

greetings, el

On 2021-01-02 22:00 , Steve Litt wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Jan 2021 23:42:47 +0200 Dr Eberhard W Lisse
<nospam at lisse.NA> wrote:
>> LyX does this automatically, doesn't it?
> Perhaps.  I should add that I was speaking about compilation via
> shellscripts, which is much more determinate than letting LyX do it,
> given that LyX' converters are changed from time to time.
>> Or do you export to TeX and then run lualatex?
> I export to luatex.
> SteveT

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