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On 2/14/21 3:02 PM, Doug Martin wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 11:03 AM Paul A. Rubin <parubin73 at 
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>     That said, the culprit is a setting in the document. If you go to
>     Document > Settings... > Math Options, you will note that the
>     "Indent formulas" option is checked and set to Default. Uncheck it
>     and your centered formulas will center properly.
> *Perfect. Many thanks.  Now I know to look around more at the settings.*
> *
> *
> *Doug*
One last comment: When I create a new Beamer document, the "Indent 
formulas" box is unchecked by default (as it is with other document 
classes I use). So I think there are three possibilities here:

 1. you selected it in this document a while back for some reason (or
    unintentionally -- the dreaded stray click);
 2. you made this document by recycling a previous document or using a
    "template" document, and that document had it selected; or
 3. you somehow wound up with having it selected by default when you
    create a new document.

The third one is easy to check: create a new doc and see if indent is 
chosen. I bring this up because you should not have to mess with this in 
future documents (unless you want indentation the default in other 
docs). If you accidentally have indentation as a document default and 
don't want that, just create a new doc of the correct default class 
(standard article for me), go to the math options settings and uncheck 
indentation, then go to Document Class settings and click "Save as 
Document Defaults".


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