Frame Control in LYX Beamer Slides

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Sun Feb 14 17:21:21 UTC 2021

On Sun, 14 Feb 2021, Doug Martin wrote:

> I also found that it is helpful to always create right away the separator
> to end the Frame, which is not in the main Dropdown menu for Standard,
> etc., as I had seen in a tutorial, but in the Insert drop down menu.


If you put the cursor at the very end of a frame and press Alt-P
Shift-Return you'll add a new frame below that one.

> By the way, do you happen to know how to get true horizontally centered
> equations in Beamer slides. When I center them in the LYX file, they end
> up shifted somewhat left.

I've no answer to this, but when I have only a figure on a slide it is by
default left-justified. I add a {\hspace} of appropriate amount visually
center it in the compiled PDF.



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