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I really appreciate all the replies.  Jürgen's message is exactly what I discovered with more tinkering.

If you click on the document window, the "find next" key (⌘-G ) will do its job and get you to the next occurrence of the search string.  Without that, however, if focus remains in the Find window, nothing happens at all. That is what is non-intuitive.  In most other apps, You can search for what you want with ⌘-F, and then simply pressing ⌘-G gets you the next occurrence, with no other steps necessary.


Here, F3 does work, but only if I gave the workarea focus, which is not
so apparent if you use the dialog. The working procedure is:

1. Ctrl-F
2. Enter search string
3. Hit Enter to fin first occurrence
4. Click into workarea OR close dialog
5. Hit F3 to find next occurrences

I suspect 4. is the crucial missing step.

I'll check if we can do something to avoid this unintuive extra step.


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