Need a little help with version control

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Tue Feb 9 12:01:29 UTC 2021

I’m trying to learn version control (SVN) with LyX on macOS. I have a little past experience with SVn in another context and I’m in Chapter 2 of the book at as a refresher. I am the only person who will access the repository which is on my own computer.

I have set up new repository and imported three files, a LyX document and two graphics files. (I am using a nice GUI app on the Mac). I can check out the LyX document, edit it, and commit. But what I can’t figure out is what is the LyX File -> Version Control -> Register item for? I think it wants to add the current LyX file, which is assumed to be not under version control, to the repository. But _what_ repository? I made a second LyX file named Registering.lyx and typed “Registering a document” into the dialog box. Then I get this message:

 Some problem occurred while running the command:
'ci -q -u -i -t-"Registering a document" "Registering.lyx"'.

I think I am somehow am missing “Step 0” in setting things up.

Thanks as always for any hints.


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