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Saša Janiška <gour at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm about to start taking notees using org-roam
> ( to be used for articles/presentations
> along with the Bib(la)tex bibliography.
> Considering that org-roam is depending on Emacs' org-mode, I wonder
> what would be recommended way to utilize those notes and use them in
> LyX?

I can't answer for org-mode, but I can answer it for VimOutliner, which
uses a simple tab indented outline as its native format, plus any line
prefaced with a colon and space is body text.

In the case of VimOutliner, you make a program to count tabs, use the
tab count to select the proper header for your Document Class (for
instance, in the Book class 0 tabs is part, 1 tab is chapter, 2 tabs is
section, ...

You basically have a canned LyX header, then make the body with your
program. I've done this to make most of the headers in a 50,000 word

I suspect it would be as easy to write such a program for org-mode as
it would be for VimOutliner. I'd recommend using Python3 to write the


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