outline pane issues and huge note slowness

V K sovhist at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 4 00:15:53 UTC 2021


Lyx is approaching 2.4 and I want to draw attention of devs to the outline pane functionality and problem of the huge notes. Maybe some of these issues can be fixed relatively easy and quickly till the new release.

1. "Keep" tikbox in the outline pane is working inconsistently. Let's say, I opened all navigation tree elements by sliding bottom slider of the outline pane to the right and ticked "keep". It's keeping tree while I am navigating through the document, but after going to another document and coming back I see collapsed tree (ticbox is still ticked). This situation is particularly discomfortable when working with master-child documents.

2. Navigation tree in the outline pane collapses after ctrl+z (undoing) while "keep" is still ticked. 

3. Situation with notes and footnotes selection in outline. I am using Lyx notes, greyedout and comments severely while preparing texts. And it is very common situation when I want to go through all or some notes to correct text, delete notes. So I open notes list in the outline, search note I need, go to text to correct it and... all notes disapper in the outline and I see navigation tree there. So I must open notes list anew, select next note and so on. Ticking "keep" tikbox do nothing. Maybe such behaviour is intentional (to search only one note and automatically go back to navigation tree), but maybe "tickbox" can be used to keep notes list?

4. This isn't related to outline pane. My notes can be huge (to hide parts of the text temporary) and navigating in such huge notes is painfully slow, CPU usage rises dramatically (99% of one of the cores of the CPU). Such slowness presents only when huge note is opened and is visible in Lyx work area. Slowness disappears after collapsing note or after scrolling till it disappears from work area. The same problem is with big branches. Such slow was note with 75 000 characters (incl. spaces), more smaller notes and a lot of citations in it.

Such situation is with master (bit dated – Built from git commit hash 9e1db659) and with stable too, as I remember.

Thank you for your hard work – it is much more pleasant to work with Lyx office than with traditional offices.


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