SOLVED > Re: no ^99 font

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Wed Feb 3 09:54:44 UTC 2021

Am 02.02.21 um 11:50 schrieb Guenter Milde:
> On 2021-02-02, Wolfgang Engelmann wrote:
>> Exporting to pdf I get this error:
>> Missing character: There is no ^^99 in font
>> [lmroman10-regular]:mapping=tex-tex
>> I am on Debian, non tex fonts.
>> I guess I should change to another font, but don't know which one. Any
>> suggestions?
> Have a look which characer in the document is responsible (evt. deleting
> or commenting part by part).
> It may also be an unprintable character that somehow crept in.
> If it is something like Greek or some other non-latin character, you should
> switch to a font with wider coverage than LatinModern. Which one depends on
> the side conditions like used packages or math content, personal taste,
> type/audience of the document, ... Debian provides a wide range of free fonts.
> Günter

Thanks Günter,

this sign slipped into my document while copying something from an 
external source
it either meant ~ or --, not sure, and I don't know whether it is 
correctly shown in this mail.
Anyway, your advice helped.


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