Layout based on "Book (Standard Class with Extra Font Sizes)"

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Wed Apr 28 14:33:28 UTC 2021

On 4/28/21 2:52 AM, Steve Litt wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm making a layout file, based on Document Class "Book (Standard Class
> with Extra Font Sizes)". After investigation on my Void Linux computer
> with TeXLive, I found that 
> /usr/share/texmf-dist/tex/latex/extsizes/extbook.cls 
> provides class "extbook" and has code for sizes 8,9,10,12,14,17 and 20.
> Indeed, it works when I make a document with it as the document class.
> But when I derive a class called mm_create from it, using the following
> lines at the top of the layout file:
> #% Do not delete the line below; configure depends on this
> #  \DeclareLaTeXClass[extbook]{mm_create}
> and then use mm_create.layout as my local layout, the base size on my
> document->settings->fonts only lists default, 10, 11 and 12.
> I repeatedly used texhash, and restarted LyX, all to no
> avail. I even tried manually using Tools->reconfigure, same symptom.
> What do I need to do so I can get the sizes afforded by extbook.cls?

Have a look at extbook.layout.


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