Pasting latex in a lyx file

Daniel xracoonx at
Mon Apr 19 12:43:05 UTC 2021

On 10/4/21 16:07, Mario D wrote:
> Paul,
> Ctrl+Shift+V works just fine for me, thanks!
> My fault, and I beg your pardon for this, for not having tried the 
> relative option in "Edit -> Paste Special" : I just tried the "Paste 
> from LaTeX", which doesn't work  in my case (I am pasting tikz figures, 
> so @rich: I was referring to the second option).
> Thank you everybody.     :)

Actually, I am wondering whether preserving newlines should be the 
default. I don't think one can expect that the default paste command 
changes the format that way. Instead the "special" option should be 
paste with removing newlines, I think.

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