Lyx on Chromebook - Yes it works!

Richard Kimberly Heck rikiheck at
Fri Apr 16 15:28:04 UTC 2021

On 4/16/21 9:41 AM, Dr Paul Verschueren wrote:
> I assumed that the relative silence indicated I’m on my own, so I
> thought I would make an initial investigation this lunchtime.
> Great news - it turns out to be relatively trivial to get Lyx working
> under Chrome OS, and there is no need to compile a native app.
> Chrome OS sets up a small VM with a copy of Debian 10, and Lyx 2.3.2
> installs cleanly via apt(?) - even for a Windows die-hard like myself
> with no previous Linux exposure.
> Performance does not seem an issue – there is a slight slow-down
> noticeable compiling a complex 40 page math paper, but it is perfectly
> acceptable (to me at least).
> I now have several Word docs open, about 20 Chrome browser tabs, some
> pdfs, Debian and Lyx all running happily in 4Gb RAM and with a 32Gb
> disk – amazing!
> The more challenging steps now will be replicating my custom Lyx
> environment under Linux (all those weird path names!), and gaining
> access to all my OneDrive disks (I’ve found a Linux utility called
> rclone, but it doesn’t seem to like my multiple OneDrive setup). Again
> any previous experience/hints/tips would be most welcome.
> My congratulations to all the team who have obviously kept the product
> lean and mean – I did not have high expectation of getting it working
> well on a Chromebook, but I was wrong!
It would be great to set up a web page on the wiki with this
information, and more. Step by step instructions if possible. How does
one access the VM?

I've created a page here: You can
use the password "LyX" to edit it. Or I can do it later. Once we have
it, I will create a link from the Download page, crediting you with this
discovery, and send an announcement to our various lists.

It is pretty amazing what little tiny computers will do these days. I
had my wife using a Raspberry Pi until we learned that Zoom won't run on it.


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