Lyx on Chromebook - Yes it works!

Dr Paul Verschueren paul at
Fri Apr 16 13:41:43 UTC 2021

I assumed that the relative silence indicated I'm on my own, so I thought I would make an initial investigation this lunchtime.
Great news - it turns out to be relatively trivial to get Lyx working under Chrome OS, and there is no need to compile a native app.

Chrome OS sets up a small VM with a copy of Debian 10, and Lyx 2.3.2 installs cleanly via apt(?) - even for a Windows die-hard like myself with no previous Linux exposure.
Performance does not seem an issue - there is a slight slow-down noticeable compiling a complex 40 page math paper, but it is perfectly acceptable (to me at least).
I now have several Word docs open, about 20 Chrome browser tabs, some pdfs, Debian and Lyx all running happily in 4Gb RAM and with a 32Gb disk - amazing!

The more challenging steps now will be replicating my custom Lyx environment under Linux (all those weird path names!), and gaining access to all my OneDrive disks (I've found a Linux utility called rclone, but it doesn't seem to like my multiple OneDrive setup). Again any previous experience/hints/tips would be most welcome.

My congratulations to all the team who have obviously kept the product lean and mean - I did not have high expectation of getting it working well on a Chromebook, but I was wrong!
Best wishes

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On 4/15/21 1:01 PM, Dr Paul Verschueren wrote:
I'm just evaluating a friend's Chromebook - and I'm very impressed. It seems to do everything I want, at a fraction of the weight and cost of my old dying laptop ... with one exception - Lyx!
This link:  promises Lyx is available as an app. This is presumably just nonsense?

Yes, garbage. there's no LyX app.

Qt does exist for Android, so it might be possible to compile LyX for Android. It would probably take some adjustments here and there. There's some info here:

but it may be a bit out of date.


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