Lyx on Chromebook

Dr Paul Verschueren paul at
Thu Apr 15 17:01:46 UTC 2021

I'm just evaluating a friend's Chromebook - and I'm very impressed. It seems to do everything I want, at a fraction of the weight and cost of my old dying laptop ... with one exception - Lyx!
This link:  promises Lyx is available as an app. This is presumably just nonsense?

An offering called Rollapp promises to give me Lyx in the cloud which is fine in principle, but costs money.

Finally this link hints that it should be possible to get Lyx working via the Linux support under Chrome OS:

I might have a go at the last of these, but wanted to reach out first to find out if anyone has already tried this and has any tips (eg it doesn't work!) ?
The most obvious problem is space - the Chromebook has about 12Gb of available storage (less than the RAM on my old laptop!), so some careful disk management may be required.
Many thanks for any help/tips/comments.

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