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Wolfgang Engelmann said on Mon, 12 Apr 2021 10:06:08 +0200

>Am 11.04.21 um 03:23 schrieb Steve Litt:
>> Wolfgang Engelmann said on Sat, 10 Apr 2021 09:09:48 +0200
>>> I would like to have parts of the nomenclature as a separate
>>> section,  
>> I know the word "nomenclature" means "a system of names", but what
>> does it mean as applied in LyX?
>> Thanks,
>> SteveT  
>If you want to explain words in your document, you use
>outline > nomenclature entries
>behind the word. It shows the word as a symbol and you add a
>description underneath.
>I am used to Glossary instead of nomenclature, which you get with
>%leads to bold nomenclature title in entries >
>in the preamble of > Document
>One can also create a part of the nomenclature as a separate section,
>e.g. Abbreviations
>That is what I am after.
>there is a nomenclature manual for latex, but I would like to know for
>Perhaps somebody can help me.


I've needed both those things for 20 years. Thank you!!!

If I understand your situation, you already know how to do what you
need in LaTeX, and then make LyX commands and environments to make it
accessible in LyX, and now you're trying to see if there's a native LyX
way to do it. Being less than a newbie when it comes to nomenclatures,
and not understanding *exactly* what you're looking to do, I did a quick
look and found stuff you probably already know about, but just in case I
found something new, here it is:

The LyX functions manual has the following:
	* dialog-show appears to take a nomenclature argument
	* Ditto with inset-insert
	* There's a nomencl-insert command
	* There's a nomencl-print command

The Additional LyX Features manual contains the following sentence:
	There is at present no support for glossaries. Adding it would
	be fairly trivial, and welcome.

The User's Guide contains a special environment called Verbatim, which
can contain "index- and nomenclature entries".

The Embedded Objects manual contains nothing about Nomenclature

The User Guide contains a section on using Nomenclature/Glossary.

As you already mentioned, when I search CTAN for "nomenclature", I get
8 results.


One happy prospect I see is that it can be done in LaTeX, and the
Additional Features manual seems to say it's needed and would be easy to
implement in LyX. If there's no other way, you could implement it in
LyX, thereby solving your problem and also getting a tickertape parade
from the LyX community. I think you're already better at LaTeX than I,
but if you need some assistance, perhaps I could provide some.


Steve Litt 
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