Pasting latex in a lyx file

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Sat Apr 10 14:07:48 UTC 2021


Ctrl+Shift+V works just fine for me, thanks!

My fault, and I beg your pardon for this, for not having tried the relative
option in "Edit -> Paste Special" : I just tried the "Paste from LaTeX",
which doesn't work  in my case (I am pasting tikz figures, so @rich: I was
referring to the second option).

Thank you everybody.     :)

Il giorno gio 8 apr 2021 alle ore 00:57 Paul A. Rubin <parubin73 at>
ha scritto:

> On 4/7/21 6:44 PM, Andrew Parsloe wrote:
> On 8/04/2021 3:14 am, Paul A. Rubin wrote:
> On 4/7/21 10:14 AM, Mario D wrote:
> Hi all,
> sometime I need to paste some latex code inside a lyx file.
> When I do this, I lose all the formatting and, in particular,  I lose all
> new lines: this means that what I end up with in my red box in lyx is a
> complete mess which requires a lot of editing.
> This is quite annoying: am I missing something which results in this
> behaviour?
> Thank you
> Have you tried Edit > Paste Special > Paste from LaTeX? Note that this is
> used to paste directly into the LyX document, *not* into an ERT box
> (ctrl+L).
> Paul
> I usually just use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste text (including lines of LaTeX)
> that preserves new lines. It works in an ERT box. (I wasn't aware of the
> Paste from LateX option.  In fact, there's quite a bit here that has
> changed since I last carefully looked at what was offered by the different
> menus.)
> Andrew
> Actually, I usually do the same thing (because I forget about the paste
> LaTeX option). Sometimes, though, what plops into the ERT box is a mess of
> the sort Mario described, and I end up inserting newlines to make it
> readable. I'm not sure if the paste special approach avoids that -- I don't
> have an example handy at the moment -- but one can hope.
> Paul
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