You use bookmarks in LyX. Tell me about it

Wolfgang Engelmann engelmann at
Tue Apr 6 07:02:51 UTC 2021

Am 05.04.21 um 17:54 schrieb Jean-Marc Lasgouttes:
> Dear LyX users,
> I recently tried to fix ticket #2496 for 2.4.0.
> However, several problems occurred:
> 1/ displaying bookmark numbers inline does not please everybody (see 
> attachment)
> 2/ displaying them in the margin is not entirely satisfying either 
> (other attachment); note that the code for this case is not perfect yet 
> (e.g. the margin is not large enough).
> 3/ making bookmarks visible made me aware that the bookmarks 
> functionality is really broken. I fixed a few things, but a lot remains 
> to be done.
> This makes me wonder: are there users of this bookmarks thing out there? 
> What is your use case? Do you keep bookmarks between sessions, or is it 
> just to get back and forth in a document at a given moment?
> Finally, do you think that making bookmarks visible is useful? For me, 
> the main use now is to debug the functionality.
> JMarc
I use it occasionally, but I found it easier to mark the place I want to 
remember with characters seldom used such as §§ and go back to it with 
simple search.
The reason is, that setting a bookmark and finding it is a bit complicated:
first: What is the shortcut for 'Save Bookmark 1' ?
Shortcuts tells:
Umschalt+F1 Depth Increment Alt+Umschalt+Rechts
Question: Why is Umschalt and Rechts used instead of the English 
Same for Goto Bookmark 1 > Strg+1 Depth Decrement Alt+Umschalt+Links

If I use Umschalt+F1 to set a bookmark
and ctrl < to go back to it
it does not work for me (Debian 11,
LyX Version 2.3.6 (Friday, November 27, 2020)
Library directory: /usr/share/lyx/
User directory: ~/.lyx/
Qt Version (run-time): 5.15.2
Qt Version (compile-time): 5.15.1 )


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