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Am 29.09.20 um 10:39 schrieb Guenter Milde:
> ...
> I am working on Linux and use the "evince" document viewer to view the
> PDF on-screen. The viewer supports printing and the print dialogue offers
> the choice of several printers which includes the virtual printer "print
> to file". It also provides for the selection of the pages to print, so it is
> all just point and click for me.
> ...

Hallo Günter and Riki,

thank you for your helpful explanations.
I summarize the different solutions:

Some time ago I've uploaded a 800 p. LyX-generated PDF-file as an
OpenAccess document to our uni-server. And now I'm writing
an new separate appendix to this document and in this appendix I want
references to many formula of my published 800 p. PDF-document.
So I tried the Master-Child feature but in the separate compiled child
the references are not available.

1. writing the new appendix in the original LyX-file with all the
correct references, compiling with pdflatex and copying the appendix in
a new PDF by the 'print on file feature' (means cropping the PDF) - on
Linux with "evince" or "okular". (Günter)
2. LyX-variant:
"It should work with "includeonly" if you have a Master document that
includes the existing documents source(s) + the new appendix.
After a first run which includes all sources (to get the references
right), you may exclude the main document and re-compile." (Günter)
3. LaTeX-variant:
"The LaTeX solution would be to use the xr package. See e.g. here
for some info on how to do that. LyX does not have any mechanism for
this, though, so you'd be using ERT." (Riki)

Such a wonderful community :-)

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