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Am 28.09.20 um 14:35 schrieb Guenter Milde:
> On 2020-09-25, M.B. Schiekel wrote:
> ...
>> Some time ago I've uploaded a 800 p. LyX-generated PDF-file as an
>> OpenAccess document to our uni-server. And now I'm writing
>> an new separate appendix to this document and in this appendix I want
>> references to many formula of my published 800 p. PDF-document.
>> So I tried the Master-Child feature but in the separate compiled child
>> the references are not available.
> ...
> It should work with "includeonly" if you have a Master document that includes
> the existing documents source(s) + the new appendix.
> After a first run which includes all sources (to get the references right),
> you may exclude the main document and re-compile.
> ...

Hallo Günter,

thank you for your kind and helpful advices.
1. your "includeonly" variant I've understood. I think it will work.
2. your second variant I don't understand:
> However, I would rather print the last 50 pages of the combined document to
> a file and upload this.
What do you mean by 'print to a file'?
In the moment I use LyX -> pdflatex for to produce the big PDF.
So what is your suggestion to produce a PDF of the last 50 p.?

> In any case, you may have to add some advanced LaTeX code to restart
> the page numbers etc. or live with the appendix document starting at
> 801.
This should be no problem for me, because I love Latex code :-)
Thank you very much -

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