separate child-documents?

M.B. Schiekel mb.schiekel at
Fri Sep 25 14:23:23 UTC 2020

Am 25.09.20 um 13:32 schrieb Dr Eberhard Lisse:
> Bernhard,
> you are welcome. 
> So you basically want to write a new PDF document, which is called
> "Appendix" and gets the labels/references from another documents.
> ...

Hi Eberhard,

thank you for your kind answer.

First of all: I think our LyX-users-server again didn't deliver my last
2 emails and also your answer to me. But I got your answer as pm.
Communication with a noreliable email-server is a bit difficult :-)
So I made a new list-subscription with another email-adress.

But back to my child-problem.
When in the settings
(Child documents -> include only selected children + maintain conuters
and references + doubleclick on the chosen child)
I properly set up my child-document I can see with LyX in the child the
correct master-refrences.
Then I do a pdflatex run of the child and in the PDF-file the references
are gone :-(
But when LyX can see the right refrences to master-formula in the child,
why can't these references survive the pdflatex run???
regards - bernhard

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