separate child-documents?

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you are welcome. 

So you basically want to write a new PDF document, which is called
"Appendix" and gets the labels/references from another documents.

I think this can actually be done with some heavy LaTeXing

However, I do not believe that a German University Server would ever
want for a few (10-20 for 800 pages with images) MB of PDF space.  

EVER :-)-O.

I would just add the appendix to the LyX, compile it to PDF and upload
the PDF. And, while doing this sort out the main file into Child
documents by Chapter, so (future) updates become easier.

Messing with the PDF would be the silliest thing I have ever heard of in
a LyX/LaTeX context.

greetings, el

On 25/09/2020 09:50, M.B. Schiekel wrote:
> Am 25.09.20 um 08:08 schrieb Dr Eberhard Lisse:
>> ...
>> I am not really sure what your actual issue is.
>> Do you want to generate a separate PDF for the appendix?  I have never
>> tried this but this could be what "Include only selected children" does.
>> I use the Child Document featrue on the "include" side exclusively, and
>> after editing a Child Document, to compile (only) it (with the
>> "inheritance" of the Parent Document).
>> This is obviously faster and while the references are wrong, it's good
>> enough for catching typos and the references come right on the main 
>> make run anyway.
>> ... 
> Hi Eberhard,
> thank you for your comments. What is my actual issue?
> Some time ago I've uploaded a 800 p. LyX-generated PDF-file as an
> OpenAccess document to our uni-server. And now I'm writing
> an new separate appendix to this document and in this appendix I want
> references to many formula of my published big PDF-document.
> So I tried the Master-Child feature but in the separate compiled child
> the references are not available.
> If LyX doesn't support such an application I see only the possibility of
> creating the 50 p. appendix in the 800 p. master document and then
> cropping the 800 p. with a PDF-editor, because I cannot upload for each
> new appendix a new edition of the big PDF.
> But maybe there is a better way to handle this :-)
> bernhard

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