separate child-documents?

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Fri Sep 25 07:50:02 UTC 2020

Am 25.09.20 um 08:08 schrieb Dr Eberhard Lisse:
> ...
> I am not really sure what your actual issue is.
> Do you want to generate a separate PDF for the appendix?  I have never
> tried this but this could be what "Include only selected children" does.
> I use the Child Document featrue on the "include" side exclusively, and
> after editing a Child Document, to compile (only) it (with the
> "inheritance" of the Parent Document).
> This is obviously faster and while the references are wrong, it's good
> enough for catching typos and the references come right on the main 
> make run anyway.
> ... 

Hi Eberhard,

thank you for your comments. What is my actual issue?
Some time ago I've uploaded a 800 p. LyX-generated PDF-file as an
OpenAccess document to our uni-server. And now I'm writing
an new separate appendix to this document and in this appendix I want
references to many formula of my published big PDF-document.
So I tried the Master-Child feature but in the separate compiled child
the references are not available.
If LyX doesn't support such an application I see only the possibility of
creating the 50 p. appendix in the 800 p. master document and then
cropping the 800 p. with a PDF-editor, because I cannot upload for each
new appendix a new edition of the big PDF.
But maybe there is a better way to handle this :-)


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