separate child-documents?

Dr Eberhard Lisse nospam at lisse.NA
Thu Sep 24 15:46:18 UTC 2020


as always, RTFM helps :-)-O

Jürgen has highlighted the required toggles. 

I use this for a "handbook" of some 20 files and 800 pages.  Each
includes a (common) "include.tex" with many toggles.

I like that I can compile the Child documents separately, quickly and 
in Portrait with 11pt and when it is done do the whole project via 
Makefile, as Landscape 16 pt.

In your situation I would take the opportunity of separating each 
chapter into a Child Document while you are at it. Just in case you 
need to work on this in the future again.


On 23/09/2020 08:25, Jürgen Spitzmüller wrote:
> Am Dienstag, den 22.09.2020, 21:39 +0200 schrieb M.B. Schiekel:
>> So I tried the Master-Child feature and compliled the Master and
>> Child separate.  But my hope, that in this separate compiled Child
>> the references to formula of the Master were available was
>> disappointed.
>> Any suggestion?
> Go to the master's document setting, section "Child Documents".
> Select "Include only selected children"
> Select you child document in the widget below by double-click
> Also select "Maintain counters and references"
> This supposes that your master does not have other content than
> includes of children.
> Jürgen

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