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Mon Sep 21 19:33:18 UTC 2020

Dear Yu,

I have my document open since my last email yesterday. The #...# file was
not created. I just modified, save it, and the "error" window appeared
again. I have checked the lyx~ file and I have permissions for everything.
I closed Lyx, the lyx~ file is not deleted, then I manually did. I reopened
the file, edited the file, saved, again the error appears. The #...# file
was, again, not created.

Thanks, nevertheless.
Julio Rojas
jcredberry at

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 2:25 PM Yu Jin <yu_jin at> wrote:

> About your original issue:
> Maybe it's a permissions issue? Did you check in Dropbox if you are
> allowed to change that file. I mean I have seen enough wired stuff where
> something unexplainable(for an average user at least) happened, and maybe
> dropbox changing permissions is one of those?
> About the other warning you got:
> Am So., 20. Sept. 2020 um 17:35 Uhr schrieb <jcredberry at>:
>> What I have tried is using another file in Dropbox, writing and rewriting
>> it. The error does not appear.
>> I have just made what you suggested (saving the file outside of Dropbox)
>> and the following message appears:
>> [image: image.png]
>> That is a first! I do not even know what it means or why did it appear.
>> The original file is in the Dropbox folder, a new copy is in my Desktop, so
>> no, the file is shared (and not opened by someone else as I have updated
>> the version number and my coauthor is seated besides me). Saved, modified,
>> resaved, no problem with the copy. Closed the copy, opened the original,
>> modified, saved, the write failure error appears.
> This is a warning from dropbox. "#file.lyx# is an autosave file of lyx,
> where your current work is saved when you don't manually save for a certain
> period of time, so when lyx crashes you can recover that file and don't
> lose all the progress.
> When you close lyx while the file is present, lyx deletes it. Dropbox
> doesn't know that it is just a backup file so it warns you that you are
> deleting a file from the cloud storage and therefore "it will no longer be
> shared with anyone".
> What is strange here is that the warning only happens when you hit "save
> unter" and save outside of dropbox. When you just close lyx (so the file
> also gets deleted) there is no warning, maybe we should investigate, I
> probably will later.
> That would explain this warning and you can just ignore it.
> --
>     Eugene
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