Problem saving a file [DROPBOX]

Yu Jin yu_jin at
Mon Sep 21 17:25:35 UTC 2020

About your original issue:
Maybe it's a permissions issue? Did you check in Dropbox if you are allowed
to change that file. I mean I have seen enough wired stuff where something
unexplainable(for an average user at least) happened, and maybe dropbox
changing permissions is one of those?

About the other warning you got:
Am So., 20. Sept. 2020 um 17:35 Uhr schrieb <jcredberry at>:

> What I have tried is using another file in Dropbox, writing and rewriting
> it. The error does not appear.
> I have just made what you suggested (saving the file outside of Dropbox)
> and the following message appears:
> [image: image.png]
> That is a first! I do not even know what it means or why did it appear.
> The original file is in the Dropbox folder, a new copy is in my Desktop, so
> no, the file is shared (and not opened by someone else as I have updated
> the version number and my coauthor is seated besides me). Saved, modified,
> resaved, no problem with the copy. Closed the copy, opened the original,
> modified, saved, the write failure error appears.

This is a warning from dropbox. "#file.lyx# is an autosave file of lyx,
where your current work is saved when you don't manually save for a certain
period of time, so when lyx crashes you can recover that file and don't
lose all the progress.
When you close lyx while the file is present, lyx deletes it. Dropbox
doesn't know that it is just a backup file so it warns you that you are
deleting a file from the cloud storage and therefore "it will no longer be
shared with anyone".
What is strange here is that the warning only happens when you hit "save
unter" and save outside of dropbox. When you just close lyx (so the file
also gets deleted) there is no warning, maybe we should investigate, I
probably will later.
That would explain this warning and you can just ignore it.
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