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Mon Sep 21 03:07:38 UTC 2020

Actually, it is created not right away, but after a while. I left the
Windows computer on with the file open, sure that the #...# file was
deleted. After lunch and some gardening, I came back and guess what? The
#...# is there, waiting for me, created at 14:29. I manually deleted it,
modified the file, saved it, the error appears, but no #...# file is
created!!! Voodoo things! :P

Julio Rojas
jcredberry at

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 3:26 PM Paul A. Rubin <parubin73 at> wrote:

> On 9/20/20 1:43 PM, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
> > On 9/20/20 12:46 PM, jcredberry at wrote:
> >> BTW, on my Mac I have Lyx v. 2.3.1-1. My coauthor has 2.3.0!!!
> >> Curious, isn´t it? A regression?
> >
> > Again, it's just a guess, but I think this might have been a 'stale'
> > lockfile. It got left behind at some point so Dropbox is confused.
> > That's why the file seems like a 'normal' file somehow and you're
> > being asked if you want to delete it.
> >
> > Riki
> >
> >
> I agree with Riki. Also, I suspect this is a LyX on Windows (or LyX on
> Dropbox on Windows) thing. I use Linux Mint on my devices, and I can
> have the same file open (in a Dropbox folder) on two devices, make
> changes on both devices, and never get a lock file. On the other hand, I
> do some work with a coauthor who uses LyX on Windows. In one of our
> shared Dropbox folders, I see a #TbPapers.lyx# file with a 2018
> modification date. It's a file she created and maintained -- I don't
> think I ever touched it -- so my guess is LyX created it during some
> edit and never removed it. As best I can recall, I've only seen the
> #...# stuff with LyX files.
> As lock files go, they're a bit odd. Normally a lock file has zero bytes
> (or maybe one or two). Its job is just to exist, signaling the real file
> is in use. In the case of #TbPapers.lyx#, it's almost as large as the
> actual TbPapers.lyx file. There's also a TbPapers.lyx~ file, and all
> have the same file date. So the ~ file is the normal backup LyX creates
> when a save is done.
> I don't work with anyone using LyX on a Mac, so I have no idea if it
> participates in this madness. :-)
> Paul
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