Problem saving a file

jcredberry at jcredberry at
Sat Sep 19 22:19:20 UTC 2020

Dear all,

I am working with a file for which this message has appeared several times:
[image: image.png]
As you can see, it is stored in a Dropbox folder. Nevertheless, I have
renamed it to make sure the file is not opened elsewhere. The write failure
message appears again, and after clicking the OK button, another message
asks me if I want to rename the file or retry writing it. If I retry, the
file is correctly saved, and I keep working on it. The computer has been
restarted to check if there was a problem associated with a service, to no

Has anybody had this problem as well? If so, what is its source, and is
there a solution?

Julio Rojas
jcredberry at
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