Pulldowns, panes and fonts

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Wed Sep 16 18:07:22 UTC 2020

Am Mi., 16. Sept. 2020 um 19:54 Uhr schrieb Yu Jin <yu_jin at lyx.org>:

> Am Mi., 16. Sept. 2020 um 17:23 Uhr schrieb Richard Kimberly Heck <
> rikiheck at lyx.org>:
>> On 9/16/20 9:49 AM, jcredberry at gmail.com wrote:
>> > Dear all,
>> >
>> > Lyx's pulldowns on Windows 10 are being rendered with a very small
>> > jagged font: ... I have a UHD monitor, but did not really see this
>> > problem until the latest release (, isn't it)? This same small
>> > font is also used for the file names and in the panes. Is there a way
>> > to pump it up and solve the jaggedness.
>> I am not sure about this on Windows, but on Linux there is a program
>> that allows one to configure the fonts used by Qt, and several other
>> things: qtconfig-qt4.
>> CC'ing Eugene on this one.
> Never heard of qt config programs. However here it looks like Qt does not
> react nice to the Windows setting "Let Windows try to fix apps so they're
> not blurry", deactivating that solved it for me. You can find this settings
> with
> right click on desktop > in the "Scale and layout" section click on
> Advanced scaling settings > deactivate the setting mentioned above.

Note that you can also change this setting for each program instead of
globally in case you need it somewhere else.
Righclick on lyx.exe > properties > compatiblity > change DPI settings >
check "use this setting to fix scaling programs...." > in the dropdown
below select "I signed to Windows"
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