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Am Mi., 16. Sept. 2020 um 17:23 Uhr schrieb Richard Kimberly Heck <
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> On 9/16/20 9:49 AM, jcredberry at gmail.com wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > Lyx's pulldowns on Windows 10 are being rendered with a very small
> > jagged font: ... I have a UHD monitor, but did not really see this
> > problem until the latest release (, isn't it)? This same small
> > font is also used for the file names and in the panes. Is there a way
> > to pump it up and solve the jaggedness.
> I am not sure about this on Windows, but on Linux there is a program
> that allows one to configure the fonts used by Qt, and several other
> things: qtconfig-qt4.
> CC'ing Eugene on this one.

Never heard of qt config programs. However here it looks like Qt does not
react nice to the Windows setting "Let Windows try to fix apps so they're
not blurry", deactivating that solved it for me. You can find this settings
right click on desktop > in the "Scale and layout" section click on
Advanced scaling settings > deactivate the setting mentioned above.

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