bibliographic software (linux only)

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Fri Sep 11 22:28:04 UTC 2020

On Fri, 11 Sep 2020, Chris Menzel wrote:

> The Better BibTeX Zotero plug-in
> ( beautifully integrates Zotero
> and BibTeX. I did an initial import of my (very large) BibTeX file into
> Zotero and now use Zotero exclusively, relying on the plug-in to update my
> BibTeX file whenever I make changes in Zotero. It's only one-way
> integration — you can't modify your BibTeX file and expect those changes
> to be reflected in Zotero, but I have frankly not found any reason to work
> on my BibTeX file directly since switching to this method. HERE
> <>
> is a helpful blog post about it by Calgary logician Richard Zach.


Thanks. I've looked at several potential command line alternatives but
they're apparently no longer supported or have required pieces I cannot
find. Sigh.

I'll add BBT to Zotero and read about the differences between bibtex and
biblatex; perhaps it is time to migrate to the latter.

I'm a touch-typist and much prefer to work using only the keypad. All my
editors are configured to use the emacs shortcuts so JabRef losing that
capability is a big deal for me.

Carpe weekend,


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